1,000ml Big Bottle Keratin Hair Therapy
1,000ml Big Bottle Keratin Hair Therapy
1,000ml Big Bottle Keratin Hair Therapy
1,000ml Big Bottle Keratin Hair Therapy
1,000ml Big Bottle Keratin Hair Therapy

1,000ml Big Bottle Keratin Hair Therapy

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Revive your dry and frizzy hair with the help of Keratin Hair Therapy! This product is primarily used to repair, restore and continuously nourish broken and damaged hair. It comes in quality ingredients that do not produce harmful and irritating fumes as opposed to traditional hair straightening products. Plus, it comes in a reasonable price.

This Keratin Hair mask is specially formulated for colored, dry, brittle, dull and weakened hair.

Benefits of our specially formulated Keratin Hair Treatment

  • Keratin helps to revitalize and restore damaged hair cuticle (from dyeing & frequent styling), while strengthening the health of the scalp. 
  • Keratin is a protein that is the main building material for our hair. The loss of keratin leads to weakening of the structure of the hair.
  • Keratin increases the content in the hair of natural free amino acids, which are responsible for maintaining the balance of moisture and affect their manageability and elasticity. 
  • Getting into the hair, keratin fills the voids - strands become more weighted and durable.
  • Keratin Mask makes hair more soft, shinny and straighter
  • Our Keratin Hair Mask do not produce harmful & irritating smell unlike traditional hair straightening products. Our Keratin products in fact, adds fragrance to your hair in our specially blended scents.
  • Keratin is more than meets the eye. Not only it will give you visually beautiful hair, it nourish, protects, maintain and improves the overall health of your hair and scalp.


Step 1 - Thoroughly wash hair with shampoo to remove oil and contaminants

Step 2 - Dry hair completely, use blow dry to speed up the process

Step 3 - Apply Keratin Hair Mask evenly all throughout your hair, starting in the roots working your way to the tip. For better coverage, section hair.

Step 4 - Leave the Keratin in your hair for 45 minutes until completely dry. Do not rinse off the treatment. This is to guarantee that all the nutrients and nourishing ingredients will be absorbed and be bonded with the hair.

Step 5 - Straighten your hair with the use of a hair iron and see the beautiful result!

*Each Keratin Treatment comes is a BIG 1,000 ml Tub so you can enjoy beautiful hair for many months!